I am Neutrino Boy


I am Neutrino Boy, son of Atom Man

Sorry I’m late.

Blame Photon Girl and her Scientists.

Here they come now.

Moustaches crackling with fury,

They want Belief back on special offer,

Free causes with everything,

Their MC squared and rooted.

They’re handing out T-shirts that say

Keep Calm and Carry On.

Neutrino Boy says Freak Out.

You’re going home in a meta-ambulance.

The Age of Unreason has returned

Pale and blinking from the tunnel

Trailing economics, unperceived events

And the broken toys of your imagination.

I am Neutrino Boy.

We are The Pony Club of the Apocalypse.

Finalist in the National Poetry Competition 2011. Collected in the Templar Poetry Anthology “Peleton” 2013

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