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All Fall Down

i.m. Jo Cox M.P. for Batley and Spen Over the Kazakh steppes an Englishman drops from space in a frilly white jellyfish landing with a powder puff. “The smell of Earth is so strong,” he reminds us before he’s carried to safety like a baby, woozy with ozone and wonder. In Yorkshire, Hate stalks the […]


A boy slips through a break in the chain link down to the creek where the silt unfolds, recumbent, slick-skinned, more than ready for its thick veined estuary to come home. He picks across the flats with his school bag trailing herring gulls and something eggy. He’s collecting the pocks, flecks and shards from this […]


She takes him up to the 32nd floor in London’s hard money district to celebrate the big day at a restaurant significantly closer to Heaven. The protuberances of high finance poke through cloud, chrome-ribbed: the cigarette lighter, the vibrator, the Ladyshave, the vast dictaphone, all the naff caboodle of an 80’s playboy or some gargantuan […]