All Fall Down

i.m. Jo Cox M.P. for Batley and Spen

Over the Kazakh steppes
an Englishman drops from space
in a frilly white jellyfish
landing with a powder puff.
“The smell of Earth is so strong,”
he reminds us before he’s carried
to safety like a baby, woozy
with ozone and wonder.

In Yorkshire, Hate stalks the lanes,
spraying petals into the gutter
because kindness frightens Him
more than death or insignificance.
A thousand Poundland candles
now blaze like daisies in the rain
making felt-tipped condolences
run to mascara upon the grass.

But we’re still too wobbly
with stargazing to hear Hate rage
in court “Freedom for Britain!”
Freedom for the misfit triangle
that slipped off its Continent
to drift in a moist blue ball,
snapped at 5 miles per second
by adoring astronauts.


  1. A moving and vivid poem, Mark – ‘landing with a powder puff’ is simply brilliant. Effective juxtoposition of the micro and macro, glancing between love and hate, innocence and experience. A thought provoking study on our inability to properly respond to the deep trauma wounds in our society; our natural tendency for sentimentality, to look away, gravitate towards novelty, spectacle and easy solution. A classic Fiddes opening too.

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