Did you write?

Physicochemical Property Labels as Molecular Descriptors for Improved
Analysis of Compound-Protein Networks.

No. But I did write
a poem about the sex life of seahorses
from which there is still much to learn.
Likewise, lampposts, certain ferns,
losing my job and Paco de Lucia’s guitar
at the Festival Hall which had the sound
blood would make if it had strings.
Open tuned, wounds would have it too.
To each arpeggio slap and clatter,
an old Andalucian in front of me
clapped and cried Olé!
Behind us the entire middle class
of Southern England shushed
like the brakes of a jack-knifed lorry.
After his kidnap by ushers in the interval,
I took the vacant seat
but his Olé! never went away.
I always carry it about my person
for when a train arrives on time
or a dog bounds a wall in one leap
or they sprinkle vinegar on chips
or an old couple passionately kiss
or they email again to see if I authored
Amazing Yeast: The Hidden Diversity of Dimorphic Fungal Pathogens.

Highly Commended in the 2022 Troubadour Prize

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